Thermal, Sound and Anti-condensation control coating

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Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings

RedJak Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-Condensation Spray-on Insulating Coating Specialists

Traditional types of insulation can attract moisture which will cause them to gain weight then slowly peel away from a substrate or surface creating air gaps where the moisture can settle eventually causing corrosion . Our products bond directly to a surface and prevent any type of moisture from penetrating the coating and reaching the substrate below.

Our products are a spray-on application and are typically applied at thicknesses of around 1.0mm to 2.0mm thick and provide the same if not better thermal properties as that of traditional types of insulation bats that are 50 to 75 mms thick.

We provide a range of coatings which can be used for energy retention, anti condensation, personnel protection and sound damping of substrates.

We use market leading, MASCOAT products because they are enviro friendly, quick to apply, cost effective and contain no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). MASCOAT products have approvals from world renowned testing facilities such as NAVSEA and Lloyds Register of London.