Thermal and Acoustic Seamless Spray-on Insulation

Monoglass - Clean and Green

Monoglass - Thermal and Acoustic Seamless Spray-on Insulation

MONOGLASS® - The future in spray-on insulation


MONOGLASS not only saves money, it saves time and importantly it saves the environment.

It is non-toxic and inorganic so it won't support mould or bacterial growth and is non-combustible.

This innovative insulation is listed as a green product by Green Spec.

MONOGLASS and SONOGLASS are made from the same material, they both have thermal and acoustic properties but each will display better performance in its own class

MONOGLASS and SONOGLASS have been tested locally to standards AS1530.3, AS3837 and ASTM C518 and comply with AS 4859.

RMIT University Melbourne has tested MONOGLASS and SONOGLASS to AS ISO 11654-2002 for acoustic performance.

Both MONOGLASS and SONOGLASS have ‘Green Building Council of Australia’ product approval

MONOGLASS is a two component system that combines a white, non-combustible, inorganic, elongated glass fibre which is manufactured from 37% recycled glass (the rest is virgin glass) with a non-toxic PVA binder.

Saves Time
  • speed in application
  • single application
  • no thermal leakage
  • thinner profiling creates more height opportunity
  • thermal and acoustic 2 for 1
  • reduces building running cost
Saves Money
  • faster installation
  • no mechanical fixing
  • can be installed last
  • retro fitted around services
  • 25 year guarantee
Saves the Environment
  • 37% recycled content
  • zero VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • zero flame, smoke and fuel
  • recycles again like steel (assisting product lifecycle)
  • no hazardous chemicals like Borate or Formaldehyde
  • reflective surface with less lighting requirement


It is spray applied in a monolithic one-pass application to the desired thickness on any surface configuration, making MONOGLASS the ideal product for those hard to insulate areas. It bonds easily to concrete, steel, wood, gypsum, rigid fibreglass and plastic insulation.

This seamless inorganic system provides high thermal ‘R’ values from (R1-R6) MONOGLASS insulation is non combustible and non toxic. It has a 37% recycled content (green building status) and does not support mould growth or insect infestations.

An acoustic (sound deadening)element is added to our spray-on thermal insulation so you can also control sound within your partitioned walls, between floors, hallways, required quietness in movie/conference rooms, offices buildings, underground carparks, houses close to main roads, apartments, hospitals, schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, factory offices, night clubs, theatres, television and film studios.

MONOGLASS insulation is very economical because of its fast method of application. It comes in five colours for all types of thermal insulation project requirements.

Monoglass and GreenSpec

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