Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings

MASCOAT® Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings

MASCOAT WEATHERBLOC - Thermal Insulation For External Application

MASCOAT WEATHERBLOC is a ceramic coating created specifically for building and interior insulation. Applying Mascoat's weather-resistant coating is an affordable way to reduce energy use, stabilize indoor climate and improve internal comfort.

WEATHERBLOC thermal insulating coating is specifically designed for exterior application on roofs, buildings and homes. In addition to insulating WEATHERBLOC has an elestomeric seal to help protect surfaces.

MASCOAT WEATHERBLOC coatings have been applied to many different types of buildings from commercial buildings to converted storage containers used for housing, to reduce heat gain and make interiors more comfortable.

This product is formulated from the best cross-linking acrylic systems to provide insulation and protection for years to come. WEATHERBLOC is warranted for 10 Years. This product is UL listed and is Class A fire rated.

Applications: Roofs, roof voids, walls, cool rooms, tanks

MASCOAT WEATHERBLOC - Thermal Insulation for Exterior Coating

Developed to improve energy efficiency and save on utility bills, MASCOAT WEATHERBLOC is a proven insulation solution for commercial and industrial properties worldwide.

Our WEATHERBLOC product line combines thermal insulation with a durable reflective paint, so it's easy to apply and requires little maintenance.

WEATHERBLOC contains high-quality ceramic and silica particles encased in a high-grade latex emulsion. The result? A spray-on insulating coating that reduces radiative and conducted heat to produce dramatic temperature differentials.

Each radiant barrier insulation product goes on like paint, and unlike reflective roof/sidewall coatings, it can be used underneath or on top of walls and roofs. When used on substrate exteriors, WEATHERBLOC resists weathering, reduces condensation and lasts for years without reapplication.

Manufactured from the best raw materials, WEATHERBLOC'S thermal formulation attacks heat and cold penetration prior to substrate entry. This prevents unwanted thermal transfer before it leads to manufacturing inefficiency and energy waste.

Tested in a variety of unforgiving environments, the WEATHERBLOC'S product family exceeds ASTM standards for weatherability, adhesion, flexibility and UV resistance

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