Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings

MASCOAT® Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings

Thermal Insulation For Industrial / PPE Application

The MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL coating family is a versatile product line ideal for a range of industrial applications. These coatings are designed to thermally insulate, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), provide energy savings and protect personnel from burns and heat-related injuries and have been proven effective in all types of harsh industrial environments, including refineries, mills and plants.

The coating is capable of producing dramatic temperature differentials on surfaces from sub-zero to 260°C. This coating is Class A fire rated and considered a fire retardant by Lloyd's register.

The features and benefits of MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL Insulation give the potential for large cost savings in installation, energy savings and on-going maintenance as well as meeting stringent OH&S standards.

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL is used in 32 countries and has approval from ABS, US FDA, Binks Cross-reference, Cage Code, DNV, Lloyd's Fire, Lloyd's Certificate, NKK (Japan) and USCG

Applications: Pipes, valves, holding tanks, boilers, heat exchangers

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL - Thermal Coating - Protection That Lasts

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL is environmentally friendly as it does not contain harmful chlorides and is not hazardous to personnel due to its non-volatile, non-toxic food grade components. It is applied in a seamless spray method which eliminates the problem associated with condensation build-up.

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL is a class 1 fire rated, non-flammable product with a smoke free index of 5. In a fire situation no toxic fumes or smoke are generated.

  • MASCOAT is durable for 5-10 years under non-aggressive environments, which provides maintenance cost savings.
  • It can be applied directly to most surfaces including concrete, wood, PVC, aluminum etc. without the need to prime (carbon steel excepted).
  • It allows for simple visual inspections negating the expense of dismantling insulating materials.
  • There is no need for special fabrications.
  • It is a water based, one-part coating that does not have a “pot life”
  • Can be easily "touched up" after minor structural repairs
  • Successive coats will increase insulating capabilities
  • It is a weatherproof coating that prevents the ingress of moisture and negates the need for sealants.
  • It will resist chemical splashes that may deform or affect the insulation performance of other products.
  • It can be top coated with epoxies, alkyd and acrylic products to provide color coding or brand matching.
  • MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL can be applied at surface temperatures between 20oC and 140oC, which precludes the need to shut down plant during installation.
  • It has an operating temperature range of -50oC to +240oC and easily withstands harsh environments and wide thermal fluctuations.
  • MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL can be installed in extreme environments and is able to withstand wind speeds above 240 kph and is not damaged by airborne debris.
  • It is applied with a uniform coating thickness that avoids hot spots and vertical pipe heating.
  • There is no need for cutting, tapping or special hangers

It is lightweight (5.0 pounds per gallon), Approx 0.07 lbs/sq. ft. at 20 mil DFT (0.50mm)


Corrosion under insulation has been a major problem in the marine, petrochemical and chemical process industries for many years. Due to the insulation's ability to trap moisture and hold it against the surface, corrosion-promoting atmospheres rapidly degrade most carbon steel substrates. As this developed, there became a need for high performance coating systems under thermal insulation. Mascoat's answers to this problem was MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL which can be used as an effective method for preventing Corrosion Under Insulation.

It was found that key to solving CUI in the long-term is to identify a primer that can survive the exposure and work well with the insulation type material that did not promote moisture entrapment. As a result of the testing, an innovative approach using a combination of coating systems to provide protection and insulation has been used as a successful deterrent to CUI. Combined together, it protects, insulates and makes inspect ability easy for areas under 350°F (190°C) or below.

The system includes both using a good primer system and a thermal insulation coating. Using an inorganic zinc type primer (works very well in this system as there is little sacrifice and it adheres well in high temperature environments) or glass flake epoxy as the primer coating over carbon steel substrates can ensure a compatibility, in most cases, with thermal insulating coatings. These primers provide excellent adhesion, as well as a tough barrier when applied directly to steel. They also have the ability to handle higher temperature applications without de-bonding. They must be used in-conjunction with the second component to provide long-term performance.

The second component is the use of a thermal insulating coating. Mascoat has pioneered, developed and engineered a coating specifically designed to provide protection with insulating like qualities. MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL has been used for many years as a component in this type of system. The insulating coating is used to reduce the substrate temperature or provide insulating qualities in an easily applied format. By combining these two systems, a successful long-term solution is achieved as well as providing other unique advantages.

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