Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings

MASCOAT® Thermal, Sound Control and Anti-condensation Insulating Coatings


Designed to protect personnel from vibration and substrate-transmitted noise in all types of marine vessels and industrial environments, MASCOAT'S SOUND CONTROL product line is one of the lightest and rapidly-applied sound damping solutions on the market.

MASCOAT-dB Sound Damping Material is a flexible, enviro-friendly product that bonds directly to a wide range of surfaces. Comprised of noise suppressants encased in an acrylic binder, easily applied via brush, roll or spray methods.

Sound travels two ways - through structure and through the air. To reduce sound energy's conversion from structurally transmitted energy to airborne sound waves, you need to dampen vibration effects on the surface. MASCOAT-dB employs its sound-damping technology, suppressing vibration movement through the sound path. This suppression basically reduces or “kills” the sound prior to its airborne transmission.

Applications: Perfect for industrial environments and marine vessels. Mascoat-dB can be applied to carbon and stainless steel (carbon steel requires a primer), aluminium, brass, fibreglass, plastic, and many other surfaces.

MASCOAT dB - Sound Control

MASCOAT-dB is enviro-friendly, with no toxic ingredients or volatile organic compounds(VOCs). It's water-based, so clean-up is easy with just soap and water.

MASCOAT-dB's unique chemistry and proven dispersion technology allows it to pack more sound-suppression materials into a flexible adhesive coating. The result is greater reduction of sound transmission at lower dry film weights compared to traditional damping solutions. In addition, application is normally 3-4 times faster than standard cut-and-paste-type sound damping materials.

With MASCOAT-dB, equipment surfaces are always viewable, so inspectability is never an issue as it is with conventional wraps and bulky sound insulation and, because the coating bonds directly to all clean surfaces, there's no risk of adhesion loss or water entrapment that can lead to corrosion under insulation.

A typical application of just two coats provides the most cost-effective sound damping control, but additional coats can be applied as needed.

MASCOAT-dB is easily applied with a sprayer-even in hard to reach places. In addition it cures quickly and can be applied while equipment is functioning, so there's no lost production time or wasted manpower.

MASCOAT-dB is a Class A (1) fire retardant coating approved for use on cars, buses, trains, boats and large industrial complexes.

Combining MASCOAT-dB with MASCOAT MARINE thermal insulation coating achieves dramatic sound reduction and thermal qualities.

The following graphs show the non-coated version of the bell vs. the coated bell. The relationship of the graph is decibels (dB) on the "Y" axis (vertical area) and time of the vibration or sound on the "X" axis (horizontal area).

Mascoat dB Sound Control
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